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Loads of Efteling news!  Well, a few things…

First and most importantly it’s the words we all hate to hear…’Efteling have raised their ticket prices’.  There’s not too much to worry about though, as the tickets have only been hiked by 50¢, making basic admission now €36.50 or €34.50 when bought online.  See prices for other tickets below.

New Ticket Prices

New Ticket Prices

Secondly is news on something that is a little surprising, and that is that Efteling are giving a nod to foreign visitors by including ‘Typically Dutch’ parts of the park on their park map.  For instance, food in the wall has been given a Typically Dutch label, being marked on the map with a little Dutch girl (who looks like she escaped from Carnaval Festival).  This label has also been given to Anton Pieck Square, the Oliebollen cart at the main entrance, De Soete Inval and the Kinderspoor.  It may seem like a strange move, since you’d probably assume that these things are ‘Typically Dutch’ anyway when visiting from another country, but now Efteling are making sure that you know!  This looks like another step in catering towards visitors from outside of the Netherlands, and that of course, we welcome!

There is also some sort of confusing news about the Water Organ which is located in the Carousel building.  The organ has stood unused for many years, with the room being used as a TV studio a couple of years ago but otherwise standing empty.  A few days ago, some activity from Efteling on Twitter indicated that the organ will not be opening, possibly ever again, although they then said that no decision had been made about the matter.  Confusing!  It has been said that Aquanura is basically a bigger and better replacement for the organ, which still retains a lot of the charm that Efteling is famous for.

What will be will be!  Please check us out on Facebook and Twitter @EftelingUK and tell your friends about us!