Alternative Realm

Anderrijk is the home to:

Fata Morgana,


Max and Moritz,





Fata Morgana means ‘mirage’, and has been open in Efteling since 1986.  This is essentially the park’s answer to Pirates of the Caribbean, and even the boats will look familiar to any Disney veterans.  The story is that of 1001 Nights, and here you will encounter belly dancers, carpet sellers, magicians, tigers, and many more!  In fact there are 104 characters within the attraction, which I would class as a must-do.

Max and Moritz is a dual track family coaster which takes its theming from the German book Max und MoritzIMG_20220405_175045222_HDR by Wilhelm Busch. The two boys love to play tricks, and in the queue you can even find a whoopie cushion organ, which of course, you can play with your backside. You have to be 1m tall to ride this with your adult, and it is tons of fun!

Fabula replaced PandaDroom in 2019.   Fabula features a bear and a squirrel as main characters, and there’s also a cameo from Klaas Vaak.  There’s lots of laughs in this one and the film itself looks fresh and vibrant.  The restaurant at the end has changed a bit and the shop has shrunk to make way for a bar.  All in all, a good replacement for what was there before.

Piraña is the token water ride, which is almost expected of a major theme park, and although it has a theme all of its own (Pre-Columbian cultures), it works rather well.  It was opened in 1983, making it the first rapids ride in Europe, and it goes without saying, that you will get wet!

IMG_20220408_134600523_HDRSpookslot is Efteling’s answer to a Haunted House.  Opened in 1978, guests can see this spooky show every 10 minutes.  It is set in a monastery garden, where all kinds of ghosts and ghouls dance to the tune of Danse Macabre. This was the first major attraction outside of the fairytale forest, paving the way for Efteling to become a fully fledged theme park.

This will close in 2022 to make way for a new attraction called Danse Macabre.

Aquanura is a water show which takes place on the lake in front of Fata Morgana. 

It cost a huge €17,000,000 to build, and is a product of WET Design,  who have created water features all over the world and are probably best known for The Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. There are a couple of different versions of the show, the first and second symphony, and even a Tïesto remix.

This is a must-see!  Check showtimes on the Efteling app, but this is best enjoyed in the dark.

Symbolica is located on the Efteling Brink, next to Polle’s Keuken pancake restaurant. This €35,000,000 trackless dark ride takes visitors on a journey through the Palace of Fantasy with Pardoes the Jester, ending with a meeting with the King at a grand feast!  It features 3 ‘tours’, the Heroes Tour, the Treasure Tour, and the Music Tour.  Another must-do attraction which is very popular.

3 thoughts on “Alternative Realm”

  1. The Aquanura show is indeed Epic! But Efteling is almost finished creating a second Aquanura show. Little is known yet, but visitors sometimes get to record new tryouts for the new show. Without music, and thus visitors watch their movies and place several tracks of the Efteling’s themes, and eventually put their findings on youtube. I really hope the original show remains, and that the new show will be an addition, not a replacement.

  2. Jitske said:

    Awesome page, but Spookslot is missing!

    • I’ve just gone around each page checking to see where it was, and apparently, it has been missed out completely! Thanks for pointing it out!

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