The Sun Travel visits Efteling


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Prepare for a British invasion! The Sun Travel has posted an article about Efteling, and of course it shows Efteling in all its glory. 

Read it here

The only thing I can’t quite understand is this:

 ‘The latest, Symbolica, is a refreshing take on the haunted house and keeps you guessing with regards to what’s coming next.’

It never crossed my mind that Symbolica was is any way linked to a haunted house, thoughts?

I also did not know that Efteling is the size of 144 football pitches! 

The park may be seeing more Brits in the near future!


Muzikale Paddenstoel (Musical Toadstool) Ornament


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As Efteling fans, there have undoubtedly been times when we have walked through the fairy tale forest, wishing that we too could have a musical toadstool at home. 
Well now you can! Efteling have been selling ornamental musical toadstools (albeit indoor ones, but that’s ok!) for us to enjoy when we can’t make it to the park. I was lucky enough for Santa to bring me one last month, and now it has found it’s home, so I gave it a whirl…

New Year, New News!


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Happy New Year everyone!

A new year seems to mean fresh Efteling news, so here’s a little look at what’s going on at the moment…

First off, the Python is being ‘renewed’.  It seems that the track, which has been standing since 1981, is receiving most of the maintenance, as in previous years the ride cars themselves have been replaced several times.  So for a while, that corner of the park will look a little naked, at least until March when it is due to reopen.

Elsewhere in the park, there’s the good/bad news that PandaDroom will remain open for at least the next 3 years, as a new contract has been signed with the World Wildlife Fund.  As visitors are aware, the technology used in the show is now rather outdated, with this 3D show opening in 2002 and not really changing since that time (hence the ‘good/bad news’).  It would be nice to see a new show here along the same theme, just more 2018 and less 2002!

And most importantly, Efteling is expanding!  Between Vogel Rok and Python, 8 hectares of land will be added, and a new attraction is expected to open here by 2020.  If you take a look at Google maps, it seems to be where the road ‘Horst’ is now, this is the road that Efteling Hotel guests need to cross to get to the park.


So, soon there’ll be more Efteling to love!  Well, in a couple of years, but until then we have more PandaDroom to enjoy! 😉

Lastly, thank you to my friend Eftelwesley for continuing to produce beautiful Efteling videos that we can all enjoy.  Especially this one below which is stunning!  Thank you for braving the snow!

Efteling Superfans!


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Efteling have started what appears will be a series of videos about their superfans.  This first video sees Efteling fan Frank with his back garden ‘Efteling’ that he has built himself.  It’s mightily impessive, and there’s also a surprise later on in the video.  Give it a watch, it’s really lovely!  Oh, and it has English subtitles!

You can submit yourself or a friend to Efteling to be their next featured fan by e-mailing

Winter Efteling!


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! On November 13th, Winter Efteling arrived again, and with it came a new Ice Palace!  There have been many photos posted online of the new Ice Palace, but the best way to explore it is through a video:

This new palace is much ‘cleaner’ compared to previous years, which were based around a woodland/rustic theme.  The eating place looks like something from the Efteling hotel, very bright and tidy!  There’s loads of places to sit, as per previous years, and Efteling mugs and hats are sure to be found when purchasing food and drinks.  If only we had smell-o-vision, as in previous years the smell in the palace has been divine and very festive.

It’s so beautiful, when can we go back?!


With thanks to Eftelwesley.

Red and White Toadstools!


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Autumn at Efteling, what a beautiful time!  Now call me stupid, but I never realised that those little red and white toadstools were actually based on real toadstools.  I simply had never seen them before and thought that they were a fabrication!  So of course, when I saw a load of people on the ground at Bosrijk taking photos of something, I looked a little closer and saw these brightly coloured wonders.  Their Sunday name is Amanita muscaria.  It is suggested that you don’t eat them!  Here they are in all their glory:


Efteling Try to Eradicate Queues


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So Disney has its fast pass, and other parks have similar ways of ensuring that you don’t need to stand in line for your favourite rides. Efteling however, have never installed these queue-beating solutions into their park. Now though, their new idea is for the guest to select a time that they want to ride, and then come back later.

Take a look at the BBC’s video on what this entails:

Click me!

65 Years of Efteling in Flowers


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This past weekend, Efteling became the subject of the annual Corso Valkenswaard, a multi-day event originating from the liberation of the Brabant city of Valkenswaard in 1944.  Back then, schools and other groups would decorate their bicycles and cars with flowers and parade them through the streets.

This year, the theme of the event was ’65 Years of Efteling in Flowers’.  The parade consisted of floats decorated with thousands upon thousands of flowers, and included attractions such as The Chinese Nightingale, The Little Match Girl, and Villa Volta.  Some floats were particularly impressive, such as ‘Geprikt’ (that’s ‘pricked’ to you and me) which displayed a giant spinning wheel and floating Sleeping Beauty castle, and Station de Oost: De Brutale Aap, which is represented by a huge monkey, with the station built around him and an Efteling train at the back.  There’s even someone at the front of the float making food!

Station de Oost: De Brutale Aap

My personal favourite however, is the Steam Carousel; two horses attached to a steam engine wheel which rotates, and a handful of organ pipes on the back.  They even had the ‘ticket booth’ in front which you can see at the entrance to the actual building in Efteling.   

There was also a peculiar set of floats at the end of the parade which were there to represent ‘papier hier’, although it didn’t totally resemble any particular waste bins!

I’ll link a video of the whole parade with sound below, and a shorter one below that.  It would be lovely to see something like this in Efteling one day!

Miniature Carousel Palace


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At Tilburg Fair earlier this month, there was a special treat for Efteling fans.  A miniature of the Steam Carousel (Carousel Palace) from Efteling could be seen in all it’s glory, with wonderful detail, including the drinks bar in the corner!  Take a look at the video taken by Eftelwesley: