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Over the years, many people have contacted the site, interested in buying Laaf products. Since these ceased production many years ago, I usually point people in the direction of eBay. However, through Facebook, I have found somebody who deals with Laven, and they have them on sale from the Netherlands! Please see below:

Are you looking for nice Laven from the Efteling, then you have come to the right place. We sell many Laven in all different sizes and prices. In the photos you can see a small selection of what we all have for sale. If you are interested, take a look at When you type in : advertisements from Pa Laaf, you will see all our advertisements with the photos and prices. A package up to 10 kilos, which generally fits three medium-sized Laven (from 35 to 40 cm), comes to an additional shipping amount of 31 euros. This is done at your own risk, but you can also have it shipped insured for a small extra amount. We are known for our very good packaging! So if you want a nice Laaf, come and have a look at at Pa Laaf.

Email for contact is