Time to Say Goodbye to The Bob?


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Bobsleigh, The Bob or Bobbaan, whatever you like to call it, if you’re an Efteling fan, you’ve probably taken a ride on this Swiss sleigh ride.  However, after 33 years in the park, there’s talk that The Bob might be leaving us.  

In recent years, the attraction has had lots of downtime due to technical issues, and also has to be closed in the rain to prevent accidents.  Efteling have said that they’re working on the future of the attraction, but that no concrete ideas are in place just yet.

I’m personally not a fan of The Bob, mostly because it is a very bumpy ride!  Made smoother however, I could be converted.  I suppose we will see what happens in the near future!


Winter Efteling Photos


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Although I realise that Spring has finally sprung (hooray!) and the Efteling tulips are almost in full bloom, I remembered that I had some wonderful Winter Efteling photos that I wanted to share.

Marianne sent me some photos back in January of a visit to Efteling on January 8th for her birthday.  Better late than never to share them at least!

This year, Winter Efteling starts on November 12th, so maybe it is time to start planning a Winter trip now?  These photos will surely inspire you…

Click the photos for a better look!

Thanks to Marianne for sending the photos.

Python Reopens!


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The Python has reopened!

If you’re a member of any social media platforms, such as Facebook, you will have probably seen a barrage of posts about the Python renovation.  It was quite a short renovation, but a few days ago, the Python was back on track (literally!) and open to visitors.  This great video by our friends at Vijfzintuigen shows the making of the new Python, and it even has English subtitles so we can all enjoy it at Efteling UK!

Efteling Hits 5 million Visitors Target


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It was revealed at a recent Efteling staff party that in 2017, the park achieved it’s 2020 goal of 5 million visitors, having a massive 5.2 million people walk through the park’s gates. In 2016 there were only 4.8 million visitors; still a lot, but not as impressive as 2017!

Well done Efteling! 🙂

Symbolica Now Requires a Boarding Pass


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Starting, I believe, this weekend, Efteling are testing a new system at their busiest attraction, and that is boarding passes.  You’ll need a boarding pass to ride Symbolica, up until 4pm, then you can queue as normal.  It is promised on one of the flyers they’ve been handing out, that having a pass means you will wait no longer than 15 minutes to ride.  That’s pretty cool considering that the wait for this attraction is horrendously long most of the time.  However, a lot of people on Facebook have commented that this system is too regimented, and means that instead of relaxing in the park, you have to be checking your watch all the time to see when your pass time rolls around.  You can get a pass from machines at Symbolica, or on the Efteling app.

I understand that, but I’m also one of the folks who wouldn’t stand 90 minutes or more to experience this attraction!  Speaking of which, it seems that the single rider line is still functioning without a boarding pass ( I recommend single rider if you don’t mind sitting with a bunch of strangers!).

These passes are just being trialled for now, but they could be proved to be very helpful, as nobody likes wasting precious Efteling time standing in an excessively long line!  The only negative outcome here would be if Efteling decide to do this with other attractions in the park, although no other attraction has a line quite as long as this one at the moment!

We’ll see how it goes!

Statues in Efteling


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Many of us have wandered from ride to ride at Efteling, noticing some elements of decoration on our way, and sometimes not noticing some at all! This lovely video by Eftelwesley shows us Efteling’s wonderful eye for detail in their figures/statues that are scattered through the park.  Many are easy to spot, such as the goose girl; others like the statues on top of the carousels are not so obvious.

There might be some here that you’ve never seen before!

New Efteling Theater Show: Caro


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From September, a new show will be offered in the Efteling Theater, entitled Caro. From the image Efteling have put out, it looks to be Cirque du Soleil inspired. The description reads:

From September this year, the new show Caro is at the Efteling Theater! Caro becomes a visual spectacle full of humour, dance, music and acrobatics for the whole family. The enchanting show brings visitors of all nationalities recognisable moments from their own life.

Information can be found here. Luckily, if you’re staying in Efteling accommodation you can get tickets for €7.50!

This one I really want to see!

New Efteling CD and the Fakir Returns!


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After a lengthy refurbishment, the Flying Fakir has recently returned from his well earned rest, looking better than ever!  Everything looks clean and new, and all of his tulips seem to be functioning correctly, unlike in past years.  You have to just love Efteling for taking good care of what they have; after all, now you’d never know that the Fakir is 60 years old!

Another delightful piece of news (well I got excited about it!) is that there is a new Efteling CD available.  New tracks include ‘welcome’ and ‘goodbye’, Efteling 65th anniversary (not sure how that one goes), and the music from Symbolica, which is a welcome addition.  Add this one to the shopping list!

With thanks to Eftelwesley.


The Sun Travel visits Efteling


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Prepare for a British invasion! The Sun Travel has posted an article about Efteling, and of course it shows Efteling in all its glory. 

Read it here

The only thing I can’t quite understand is this:

 ‘The latest, Symbolica, is a refreshing take on the haunted house and keeps you guessing with regards to what’s coming next.’

It never crossed my mind that Symbolica was is any way linked to a haunted house, thoughts?

I also did not know that Efteling is the size of 144 football pitches! 

The park may be seeing more Brits in the near future!