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Recently we have been receiving an increasing number of queries about the value of Laaf ornaments.  Whilst we’re happy to help identify a Laaf or help with other information about the figures, we simply cannot provide a value for them.1140_big_1


They haven’t been made for a good few years now, so there’s no set value for them.  Also, we’d hate to predict a price, and then for the seller to get nothing near that price!  These little Laaf folk are basically worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them.  Something else to consider is that Laaf folk come in many sizes, from thumb-sized Christmas tree ornaments to toilet roll holders that reach over 3ft!  Of course, the size of the Laaf will often determine the price you will receive for it.

Laaf Coin

Laaf Coin

If your Laaf has its passport, its coin and a serial number on the bottom, you’re looking at a genuine Laaf which may bring more money than a one without those things.  Having the original box is also a bonus.

Please check completed listings on eBay if you’re considering selling your Laaf, as this will give you a rough idea of the price you may get for yours.

If you still have a question that needs answered, please consider contacting Efteling from their website here.

Remember, a Laaf is for life, not just for eBay!