There are 3 places to stay onsite at Efteling: the Efteling Hotel, holiday village Bosrijk, and  Loonsche Land.

The Efteling Hotel

Efteling Hotel

The Efteling Hotel opened in 1992, and houses over 100 ‘standard’ rooms plus 20 themed suites.  Click here to see a list of the suites with photos.


Gelagkamer is the hotel bar, hurray!  The bar is rather small, however there is seating outside on the terrace as well as a few tables inside.  The bar is decorated in the style of Anton Pieck, with lots of his art on the walls as well as other Efteling collectables.  There is a small children’s play room attached to the bar, so you can enjoy your drinks in peace while the children play.

Hoffelijke Heraut is the hotel’s restaurant, decorated in the spirit of heralds from the middle ages.  A breakfast buffet is served here on a morning, as well as evening meals.  Reservations are advised.

Koninklijke Kasteelzaal (Royal Castle Hall) is another restaurant located on the opposite side of the hotel to Hoff Heraut, and serves a 4 course castle buffet. 


The hotel also has a small shop, great for any Efteling souvenirs you may have forgotten to buy!  There are also vending machines on each floor beside the elevators.



In 2011, the standard rooms in the hotel have been renovated, here is the before and after:

The rooms looked nice before, but they have made them look far more sophisticated!  There are also some hidden gems in the rooms, so see if you can spot them when you visit!

To get to the park from the Efteling Hotel, simply walk out of reception and take a right, following the elf/dwarf/gnome footprints.  They will take you across a small road and into the side entrance of Efteling where you show the staff member your ticket.


Bosrijk opened to guests on December 12th 2009, labelled not as a hotel, but as a ‘holiday village’.  The village has 203 rooms, spread across different buildings:

The Manor House Apartments (Landhuys) has 54 apartments, with each room sleeping 4 people.  This building is furthest away from the Gatehouse, but only a 5 minute walk away, and some rooms have a view of the Efteling golf course.

The Gatehouse Apartments (Poorthuys) has 24 apartments, and is in the main entrance building, right next to all the amenities including the pool.  These rooms also sleep 4 people.

Woodland Cottages are located on the edge of open fields, on the waterfront, the dunes, and in the woods, and are more like a home away from home.  Each cottage has an upstairs, and they sleep 6-8 people.

Boshoeve buildings are for large groups.  There are 8 buildings which accommodate 12 people in each, though it is possible to link 2 together and have a gathering of 24 people.

Terraced Village Cottages are located near to the Gatehouse, on the village square, and also sleep 6-8 people.

There are also a number of VIP cottages and apartments, sleeping between 4 and 8 people.  Amongst the accommodation you will find Klaas Vaak’s (the Sandman’s) castle, on the Lake of Dreams.

In the Gatehouse you will find Reception, which has a gift shop attached.  On the opposite side to the shop you will find the Eethuys Restaurant.  There is also a bar in the Eethuys, with indoor and outdoor seating.  Breakfast is also served here, which is included with your stay.  You may even see Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother walking around in the Eethuys!IMG_20200124_154102815

Also inside the Eethuys you can buy pizza and bread rolls etc.  Pizza can by ordered via the My Efteling section on the Efteling website, and can be delivered to your room. There is also an interactive screen at reception where you can order your pizza.

The Badhuys is a small indoor swimming pool, mainly aimed at families with small children.

Mr. Sandman and the Sand Gnomes tell stories beneath the Gatehouse twice a night before you go to sleep. In Winter they move into the children’s area in the Eethuys.  Check the times on the wall beneath the Gatehouse.



If you have allergies or have a disability you can request a room to suit your specific needs.


The above image is a room in the Landhuys Apartment.

When you leave you are requested to take any recyclable items to the recycling stations located throughout the village, help the environment!  You do not need to check out, you simply leave (sob).

More information on the Efteling accommodation can be found on

Loonsche Land

Eftleing’s newest accommodation is the Loonsche Land holiday village and hotel.  Along similar lines to Bosrijk, Loonsche Land is nestled in nature.  From the Efteling website:

Stay in the middle of nature in this holiday village which seamlessly connects with a nature district of 123 acres of woods, heather and dunes. From your house or hotel room you walk over its sandy paths into the natural surroundings of nature district the Loonsche Land for an adventurous voyage of discovery.


All information is correct at the time of writing.

3 thoughts on “Accommodation”

  1. We had a wonderful stay in a village cottage, a few steps away from the gate house. The buffet breakfast was delicious and plentiful, They had even arranged bunting and ballons as it was my Birthday treat. Melvyn our waiter was lovely, freindly and efficient. My family had also arranged the Birthday package for our cottage, my cake which had a picture of the Sand Man on it was yummy full of fruit and fresh cream. We were also refunded some euros because we had to leave earlier, we didn’t ask for this the kind people at Bosrijk telephoned us at home and said they would be doing so.

  2. Eibhlín Hegarty said:

    Hello and thank you for your wonderful and informative website. I am currently trying to plan a trip to Efteling and your website is proving really useful. I’d like to ask some advice if you don’t mind: I am hoping to spend a long weekend at or near the park. I am thinking of spending one night nearby (we will arrive Thursday evening) in Tilbury, Den Bosch or Breda – will it be easy to get from either of these places to the park on the Friday. Also any recommendations as to where would be best to stay? We hope to stay at the hotel for the Friday and Saturday. I am interested in the nature reserve as well as the park and hope to spend an afternoon walking/biking there. Is this practical if we are staying at the hotel?
    Thanks a lot!

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