Travel Realm

Reizenrijk, the travel realm, is the home of:

Carnival Festival (Carnaval Festival),

Pagoda (Pagode),

The Gondolas (The Gondoletta),

Mister Cannibal (Monsieur Cannibale),

Bird Rok (Vogelrok),

Children’s Court (The Kleuterhof),

Children’s Railway (Kinderspoor),

Adventure Maze (Avonturen Doolhof).

Carnaval Festival is Efteling’s version of It’s a Small World, or rather it’s funky, slightly dizzy cousin.  Portraying stereotypical versions of each corner of the globe, Carnaval Festival sports a song which is a lot more upbeat than its Disney look-alike, as well as very unique styling.  This ride is 8 minutes of pure family-friendly attraction.

Pagode is the place to be if you want a bird’s-eye view of Efteling and beyond.  Taking you 45 metres into the air, the Thai temple slowly revolved, giving you a great 360 degree view.  There are also seats all around the inside of the temple. for those who do not want to be so close to the edge!

The Gondoletta is a 20 minute long boat ride around a large lake surrounded by Efteling’s finest flowers and gardens.  On your ride you may also get a glimpse of the Steam Train passing by, or look to your right to see the pedal trains.

Monsieur Cannibale is a teacup-style ride, except instead of teacups you board a cooking pot, complete with a troll-like face in your choice of red, blue or yellow.  This ride plays a very infectious song repeatedly, about Monsieur Cannibale who was held captive by cannibals, who would not let him go.  This ride can be rather fast, if you have the strength to turn the wheel in the middle!

Vogelrok is an indoor rollercoaster which moves at a cool 65mph, through the theme of 1001 nights, the same as Fata Morgana.  Since its opening in 1998, it has undergone some maintenance due to negative reviews from guests.  The ride itself was tweaked the year after it opened, and a giant snake head and lasers were added inside the ride.  Since then, the queue has been majorly changed, with large parts of it being significantly shortened (I’ve never seen a long line for this since it opened).  The ride is exhilarating, though short, but with an often 5 minute wait, it is perfect to jump on in between waits for more popular attractions.

The Kleuterhof is a children’s outdoor play area situated behind the Restaurant Welkom, and if you are staying at the Efteling Hotel you will walk through here to get into the park.  There are the usual play area items here, including a giant piano and one of Efteling’s famous littler bins in the shape of a Hippo in a bath tub.

Kinderspoor may also be known as pedal trains, and can be found on the far side of the lake which is home to the Gondoletta.  This is easy to miss, as this attraction stands pretty much alone in a corner.  Beware (especially adults) this one is NOT easy on the legs!  You have to pedal hard to get around the track.

Avonturen Doolhof is a maze located next to Monsiuer Cannibale, and is aimed at small children, mainly because you have to fit through a keyhole to enter!  There are a few special effects inside, including a bridge which squirts water at you as you cross.  As said, this one is for the kids.

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