About the Site

Welkom bij Efteling UK!


Welcome to my fan site all about the theme park Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands.  As the name suggests, this site is primarily in English, but we welcome visitors from everywhere!

So please feel free to explore the site and learn about this wonderful park, or, if you have visited before, maybe you will want to visit again!  Please subscribe to receive updates 🙂

I also have a Facebook page for the site which you can find here and a group where we share all kinds of Efteling goodness, you can join that here.

Some images are the property of Efteling, and I have posted them here simply to share with others who are interested in the park.  There may also be spoilers for people who have never visited the park, my advice if you do not wish to know too much, is to not click the links to videos.

The Efteling UK YouTube doesn’t get updated too much, but please check it out, and also my friend’s wonderful YouTube channel that gets updated regularly:

Efteling UK YouTube Channel

Eftelwesley HD YouTube Channel

To return to the home page, click the image at the top of any page.

If you wish to contact the site directly, please send mail to info@eftelinguk.com

Thank you for reading, please subscribe, and check back often as the site progresses!

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Efteling UK on Micechat.com

Visit the official Efteling site at http://www.efteling.com

9 thoughts on “About the Site”

  1. No offence, because I find it very brave of you going through probably lots of Dutch information to make your website, so it must be hard and taking you lots of time to translate it all, but ‘Welkom naar Efteling UK’ in Dutch would translate to ‘(a) welcome going to Efteling UK’.

    If you want to correct the small mistake, it should say ‘Welkom bij Efteling UK’.

    Good luck with your website! I heard Efteling is preparing for a new website, so hopefully the English version of that one will be better than the current one 🙂

    • No offence taken! In fact, as I do not speak Dutch, I welcome this kind of comment, so I will be changing that now.
      It is also good to hear that Efteling are doing something different with their site, as the English version is not very interesting at all!

      Thank you for reading!

      Efteling UK.

  2. Ah! I love your photo of youas a young girl! I have one of me, aged about six, sitting on the massive sofa (it was at ATM, and no longer there) near the park enterence.

  3. eftelingfan! said:

    I love your site absolutely. Thanks for the lovely updates all the time! This site couldn’t be better, honoustly.

  4. Shaun McCullagh said:

    A great website, well done!

    On a more serious note do you know if Efteling management are closely following the investigation into the very serious accident that happened as Alton Towers a few days ago?

    I’m not saying this will happen at Efteling but it would be prudent for Efteling engineers to know why it did happen….


  5. I love your site! De Efteling has been one of my favorite places for years. We returned from De WinterEfteling a few days ago and found this. I just liked your Facebook page too. Thanks for all of the great information.


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