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*Please double-check all information before travelling!*

It’s all very well reading about Efteling, but once you decide to go, you’ll need to know how to get there!

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We have a lot of people asking how to get to Efteling, because in truth, they don’t make it particularly obvious.  Fortunately, it is easier than ever, with bus timetables and maps available on the internet.  It isn’t too hard to find Efteling once you know how!  Personally I have gone by ferry as well as by air, so I will list details of the two.


So Schiphol Airport is where you want to be flying in to (Eindhoven is another possibility).  It is a huge airport, more like a small town!  After arriving at the airport, you will need to buy train tickets as you will be either taking two trains to the town of Tilburg, or taking one train to s-Hertogenbosch.  There are yellow train ticket machines in the middle of Schiphol Plaza, you can’t miss them.  However if you would like to speak to a person, there are ticket offices to the right of the plaza as you walk in from arrivals.  If you tell the person on the desk where you need to go, they will point you in the right direction for the platform you need, and give you your tickets.


There are a few different ways to get to Tilburg and you will need to change train once, either at s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Breda, Rotterdam or Utrecht; depending which train you get on, you will change at one of these places.  This first train should take you about 1 hour, so get comfortable!  Your next train will take you to Tilburg, and takes approximately 15-20 minutes, so don’t get comfortable!  You then need the bus number 300 to get to Efteling.


If you take the train to s-Hertogenbosch, you can get the 300 bus from there to Efteling*.  That bus will take about half an hour.  This is probably the fastest way to get to Efteling.  The bus will drop you at Efteling’s bus station, which is a short walk from the main entrance.

*(See down the page for more bus info)

It may sound like a little bit of a hassle, but it really isn’t too bad, and I’ve never waited very long for a train.  It is nice to be able to take a look at the Dutch landscape whilst you are travelling!  The cost of the train tickets are not too bad compared to the U.K, however I would suggest you take a look here for a rough idea of costs before you travel.  The bus from Tilburg to Efteling costs only a few Euros each.



If you have decided to take the DFDS ferry, you will need to make your way to Efteling from Amsterdam Central.  A DFDS bus will take you from the ferry to the centre of Amsterdam, from here you will need to enter the Central Station (you can’t miss it).  From here the same rules apply as above, you need to get to Tilburg and then take the bus from Tilburg to Efteling, or get a bus from s-Hertogenbosch to Efteling.

If you take the P&O ferry from Hull, it is about a 1 hour drive from the port to Efteling.

You Have Arrived!

Now the boring part is over, you have arrived!  So here we will assume that you are staying at the Efteling Hotel or holiday village, Bosrijk.

To get to Bosrijk: Once you have been dropped off by the bus, you will see the House of the Five Senses in front of you, along a long path (however, a pleasant walk) Instead of going straight through the House of the Five Senses, (I know it is tempting!) you need to turn right, along a small path.  Follow the path and you will find yourself at Bosrijk!

Efteling Hotel

Efteling Hotel


Efteling Hotel timetables – Click for a closer look

To get to the Efteling Hotel: You need to take the 300/301/302 bus from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, not Tilburg.  This will drop you off at Horst which is a couple of minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Bus number 136 also goes to Efteling, but takes a fair bit longer than the 300, which is an express service.  As mentioned above, bus number 300 only runs during the week and stops running at around midday.  On weekends and during busier periods such as holidays, bus 303 runs to Efteling also.

Lots of stops on the 136

Lots of stops on the 136

Please note that we try to keep this information up to date, however I do advise that you research into travel yourself before your trip, to avoid any problems.


Efteling’s ‘getting there’ instructions.

Also check here for timetables etc.

Schiphol Airport public transport info here.

Veolia buses website.

Please feel free to e-mail us at with any questions.

35 thoughts on “Getting There”

  1. Nilda Patricia Arias said:

    Hi! my name is patricia Arias, and I live in the USA, I love everything about Laaf and I will love to buy your products (Laaf).
    Do you sell your products in the USA? if yes, where?
    I will love to visit your wonderful Hotel soon !

    Thanks for your time!

    Best Regards,

  2. akismet-1f653a1a897376eaed80cf53dcfba26e said:

    You need to take bus 136 or 300 now as bus 137 no longer runs, this almost killed me and my friend Sebastian but luckily we had some helpful Dutch directions.

  3. akismet-1f653a1a897376eaed80cf53dcfba26e said:

    Not a problem, very happy to help : )

  4. The 137 has now changed and became the 301, and in the weekends and after 9 o’clock PM 302. There also are special buslines directly to the Efteling, the 303 starting in ‘s Hertogenbosch and the 304 starting in Tilburg.

  5. Tessa Larner said:

    Thanks for this info. All very helpful. We got a 300 bus which was €3.50 per person from Hertogenbosch to Eftling. It also took about 35 mins.

  6. We are planning to visit Efteling for the first time in the summer, we will be travelling by ferry to Rotterdam and driving to Efteling, we are hoping to stay in a cottage at Bosrijk. As you have mentioned there is no sign for Bosrijk we are wondering if the vehicle access for Bosrijk is signposted?
    We are in a dilemma whether to go for 2 or 3 nights, will 2 nights be enough or would 3 be more like it for a first visit? We will be spending time at a couple of other locations in Holland too after having a great holiday there last year but we didn’t get to the Efteling.
    We have 2 girls aged 7 and 8 and can’t wait to see their faces, I am sure they will love it, especially dreamflight which I suspect we will have to ride many times.

  7. Yes, that’s fine, thanks

  8. Hi
    As your information is so comprehensive I was wondering whether you could help? I am planning a visit and don’t know whether to visit in winter (as I assume it’s Christmassey – is there a Santa?) or should we come in the Summer? What is your opinion on this? How many nights should we stay 1 or 2?
    Thank you 🙂

  9. How accessible is Efteling? Both my daughters are wheelchair users (& roller coaster fiends!). Also are the buses to get there accessible (with space for more than 1 wheelchair on each)? If not, that’s us out I suppose :-(.

  10. Danielle said:

    Hey! Me and my partner are wanting to visit on the 23rd July! We’re staying in schipol near the airport. What’s the best way to get to the Efteling theme park? And obviously the best time to travel back to schipol as we will be using public transport and don’t fancy being stranded! Thanks

  11. Mrs Wilson said:

    Can you recommend a taxi company to travel from Amsterdam airport to Eftelling please, for 6. We are booked in for April 2017

    • Unfortunately I’ve never used a taxi company so I can’t really recommend one, however you could try asking on our Facebook page? I’ve always used the train and bus. Alternatively you could try contacting Efteling?
      I hope you find your answer, sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

      Efteling UK

  12. hello, I was hoping you could help us, my family and I are planning to visit Efteling during the winter season, does the park closes at 18.00? and if so, would there be buses available to bring us back to the ‘s-Hertogenbosch central station after 18.00? Thank you.

  13. Julieanne Williams said:

    Hi, thank you for the information on getting there. We are currently staying in Amsterdam on holiday and have our accommodation there. We would like to try a day trip to Efteling. Do you know what’s the latest the busses and trains run back to Amsterdam? We were hoping to be there for when the park opens and stay until it closes. Thank you 😀😀😀

  14. Mary Briand said:

    I’m flying in from the USA in November for a river cruise and would love to come a day early to visit the park (it looks wonderful) however, I am having a hard time figuring out how to get from the airport to the park hotel and then back to the dock in Amsterdam to catch my cruise. I will be traveling alone so I don’t want it to be too complicated.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Mary! From the airport you need to get to ‘s-Hertogenbosch and there is a bus from there to Efteling. I think there is also a bus that stops closer to the hotel if you need to be there. Try for timetables as that page is also in English. To go back, get a bus to Tilburg (this won’t take long) and from the you can get a train to Amsterdam.
      I hope that helps a bit!

  15. Hi, we are thinking of visiting with our 4 kids st the end of summer, should we fly into Amsterdam airport?
    Also would like info for Christmas as if it’s magical maybe would visit them instead, thank you.

  16. Hi We are visiting Efteling next week and staying at Efteling Hotel, and flying to Schiphol Airport, and will be follow your instruction from the Airport to the park. Please could you advise if all the information are up to date, and any changes we need to be aware of? Many thanks

    • Hi Caroline. The information isn’t regularly updated but you still need to go via the same route. I just checked and you still get the train to Den Bosch and then the number 300 bus to Efteling. I would advise checking the site to plan your route better with your own times etc. Have a great time!

  17. Charlotte Vicarage said:

    How to you get to the Loonsche village?

    • I’m sorry but I’ve never been there to stay, however I do believe that Efteling have a little motorized train that will take you there from outside the main entrance.

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