Adventure Realm

Ruigrijk is the adventure realm, and is home to:

Baron 1898,

De Vliegende Hollander,

Joris en de Draak,


De Oude Tufferbaan,


Halve Maen.

Baron 1898 


was opened in July 2015 and is Efteling’s first dive coaster.  The ride is themed around Dutch mining in the 19th century.  Guests fall 37.5 meters at 90km p/h, at an angle of 87 degrees.  Visitors to Alton Towers will recognize this attraction as being very similar to Oblivion.

De Vliegende Hollander is based on the story of Willem van der Decken, the captain of ‘Den Hollander’, who braved the elements against all advice, and caused his ship to be turned into a ghost ship, doomed to sail the seas forever.  The ride is an indoor/outdoor coaster, and you may get wet!  The ride is very dark inside and includes a sudden stop, however, it does not disappoint true thrill seekers.  It also boasts wonderful theming outside, a feast for the eyes and a perfect subject for lots of photos!

Joris en de Draak is a duelling wooden rollercoaster which opened in July 2010, replacing another wooden rollercoaster called Pegasus, which had a single track.  Based on the tale of Saint George, guests choose a side, either fire or water, in the hope of slaying the dragon.  George is not present in the ride (I think the guests are supposed to be George) however there is a rather large dragon situated in the middle of the tracks, and he looks rather angry!  In my personal opinion, this is a must-do, and although I hate to speak ill of the dead, it is 100x better than Pegasus!

Python is a double loop corkscrew rollercoaster which has been open since 1981, and is looking pretty good for its age!  The photo to the left was taken in 1996, and since then the coaster has new cars, which are a darker red and have scales, to look more like a real python.  It does not have as much theming as the other rides in the area, however remains very popular amongst dare devils. More recently it had a large renovation which saw a large amount of track replaced.

De Oude Tufferbaan is a classic car ride, in which you board an old fashioned car and ride around the track, honking at various scenes with your horn. In doing so, you may wake some chickens, but that is encouraged here!

Nest! is a recent addition to this area, a children’s play forest which is themed around the coasters in the vicinity, including Baron 1898 and Joris en de Draak. There’s even a nod to the former Polka Marina attraction in this play area, keep a look out for it!

Halve Maen is a sailing ship which rocks back and forth, creating of course, a half-moon.  This is definitely for those in the family who do not have a weak stomach!SAM_5186

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