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We haven’t posted much since Easter, but in that time, Aquanura has been progressing steadily.  Recently they have had the ‘water choreographer’ in, who has also worked on similar shows in Dubai and Las Vegas.  The choreographer is responsible for programming the water to essentially tell a story, along with the coloured lights and fire effects, led by music, which has been recorded by the Brabant Orchestra.  The show is being tested in phases, before the public get to see it in all its glory on May 31st.

Here is the new trailer:

And here is another taster of what is to come!

As a side note, regular readers will remember that my aim was to get Efteling UK’s Facebook page to 60 ‘likes’ before the 60th anniversary on May 31st.  We actually have 59 ‘likes’ currently, so we are very close to the goal!  Share us with your friends!