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There’s been a few pieces of Efteling news over the last few weeks so I’ve put them all together here.  Since I’m a little late to the party, you may already know about some of these, but here we go!

Probably the biggest news is that Efteling has said goodbye to Bob this past weekend.  The ride had been open for 34 years, but it was finally time to bid it a fond farewell, with demolition beginning the day after closure. Check out Eftelwesley’s video below to see the demolition of the lifthill:


And on the subject of change, Polle’s Keuken will be expanding, with some of the outdoor terrace becoming part of the main restaurant, meaning that there will be more indoor seating, great for the colder/wetter days.  This means 50 extra seats inside, and the new section will be themed around Symbolica’s old magic fairy, Aliciana.

From Efteling.com:

In her spice greenhouse she grows and dries the herbs used in the royal kitchen. Herbs can be seen everywhere: clumps of herbs hanging on the ceiling to dry, pots of dried herbs and naturally fragrant, fresh herbs. Aliciana’s herbarium, a book with dried Symbolic herbs, is located on a table in the center of the room.’

Speaking of pancakes, the new seasonal pancake at Polle’s is a cheeseburger pancake! (minced meat, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, pickle, red onion, ketchup and mustard.) Just what we wanted! Or was it…?



Anyway, there is also a Cinnamon pancake available (warm apple slices, raisins, nougatine, dark chocolate and a glass of mocha mousse) if the cheeseburger one isn’t up your street.

Both pancakes are €13.

Moving onto merchandise (hooray!) there are a couple of very very nice tins available at Efteldingen and Marskramer for €15 each. One has the little writing gnome on the front, and the other has Hansel and Gretel.  The Hansel and Gretel one comes with 16 bon bons, and the writing gnome tin comes with 50 postcards of Anton Pieck artwork.  There’s definitely a reason to buy both, but the postcards are particularly attractive.

Also now available are more Efteling miniatures, also at the Marskramer store. Statues such as Pagode, the House of the Five Senses, and Steam Train Aagje have been released this month, so you can add them to your mini Efteling at home-if you have one!

All images from Efteling.com