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Image by Efteling

The Six Swans, Efteling’s 30th fairy tale in the fairy tale forest, opens tomorrow. Visitors can walk through the attraction or take a short ride on a swan boat which takes you inside the building.  There are (of course) six swan boats to ride in, all with slightly different details around their necks.  The tower of the castle building is 15 metres high, and you can find it between Snow White and Cinderella in the fairy tale forest.

I don’t condone too many spoilers; it is nice to discover new things for yourself, however if you would like to see a walk-through which was filmed by Efteling, then see the video below!

There will also be a pin available to buy tomorrow to celebrate the opening of The Six Swans, which ca be found at Den Ouden Marskramer.  Pins are a limited edition of 1,000 and are also limited to 2 per person.

Image by Efteling