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Image copyright Efteling

Image copyright Efteling

Today was the day we’ve all been waiting for since…well, we’ve been waiting for what feels like a long time!  Pinocchio finally opened to the public, yay!  In true Efteling fashion, it’s looking good, and definitely has the ‘wow’ factor.

Located in the Fairy Tale Forest, Pinokkio can be found next to the Red Shoes fairy tale, where you could previously find Buccaneer Gijs.  In fact, Buccaneer Gijs’ old home has been incorporated into this new story, housing the Fox and the Cat hiding in barrels, oh, and a seagull.  To the right of these two characters you’ll find a very intimidating monster, Efteling’s version of Monstro!

Visitors are encouraged to make Monstro sneeze by pulling on a pole which has a feather attached to the other end.  Then, he will open his mouth and you can see where Pinocchio and Gepetto are, since they are not anywhere to be seen in Gepetto’s workshop.  Inside this ‘monster-fish’ you will find a very impressive animatronic of the hero of the story, Pinocchio.  Behind him you will find a forced-perspective Gepetto, trapped inside the monster.

There is a warning for anyone brave enough to irritate the monster:

Maar pas op!

Anders word jij zijn volgende maaltijd…

(But beware!
Otherwise you become his next meal…)

The building itself fits in perfectly of course with all of the other Pieck-esque buildings in the forest, although it is a little brighter, with blue/green wooden sections which include the doors and windows.  Inside Gepetto’s there is a lot going on! Mice have taken over and are playing with all of the toys.  Pinocchio is one of those stories in the forest where you will likely see something new every time you visit.

Efteling, you’ve done it again, we love it!  Although we weren’t sure about Pinokkio at first because he looked a little creepy, he definitely looks better now and fits perfectly into the forest 🙂

Psst…does the fox in the barrel remind anybody of anything?  Maybe this?

Pinokkio video by looopings.nl