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Roodkapje is getting a makeover!  Well, her Grandmother’s house is. SAMSUNG DIGITAL MOVIE

The cottage which has stood in the forest since 1960 was constructed using wood, stone, cement and gauze, the same materials used to build the original Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  In the 1980s, Sleeping Beauty’s castle was completely replaced, in the same way as Red Riding Hood’s cottage will be now.  At the time it was reconstructed, Ton van de Ven took the opportunity to add the wicked fairy with her spinning wheel, as well as a few other details, thus ‘plussing’ the attraction.

The time has come for the Roodkapje building to comply with today’s standards, and it is being completely replaced using modern materials and techniques.  Who knows, maybe there will be a little something added to it when it reopens?

Efteling has stated that fairy tales ‘remain the core’ of Efteling, and renovating these attractions which are already well established and loved shows the dedication that Efteling has to the oldest part of its park.

Hopefully Red Riding Hood is in a safe place while building work is carried out, since she is a favourite of local kidnappers!