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Recently, Droomvlucht received a big refurbishment, and is looking lovelier than ever, as we talked about here.  Piraña has also been getting some TLC over the last month, click here for photos.

So what should be next on the checklist of attractions to get a makeover?


Well, according to loooping.nl, Villa Volta definitely needs some love!  Click here if you would like to see the issues they have with the current state of the ride, including a few photos.  A lot of the problems with the outside of the building seems to be paint wearing away, but we did cringe a little bit when we saw the crack down the middle of the pillar, next to the entrance.  It isn’t just the outside that needs some freshening up, the inside is definitely due for something new.  A couple of years ago, Hugo was given a new mask, which looks much better than the last one, but the ride in general, wonderful as it is, could definitely use something else.  Maybe they could stick a troll in there swinging on a curtain tassel?!

Another attraction that we think could definitely do with a clear out/ something added to it, is Spookslot.  That’s right, not even PandaDroom, but Spookslot!  After visiting the park many times, the one thing we have gotten bored with, is Spookslot.  Spooky is great, dark is great, and who doesn’t love to see dancing gravestones, however, the whole thing seems to be very anti-climactic.  Even the Spookslot section of Aquanura has more drama in it than this.  If Efteling refurbished this, it could be so so much better than it is now.

Is there anything else that could really use some TLC from Efteling?  No PandaDroom jokes please 😉