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Our friend eftelingfan! posted a video on our last post, along with some great comments, so here they all are!

‘You can see the queue now has a beautiful ceiling, with the same theming as the entrance, as well as new doors.
The station has remained the same- but the castle realm is really changed.
Sadly, they added way to much light to the area behind the castles; something you should never do with a forced perspective building, because it shows the wall and ceiling behind the castles and ruins the illusion. (You can tell by the brightly coloured mountains)
The fairy forest is sooo much better. They really cleaned that place up, making it look brightly coloured and amazing.
Now, the flower realm still has the glitch where the cars take way too long to turn to the scene, sadly. However, they changed the lighting in here, making it looks amazing!
Then of course the part everyone was so exited about; the tunnel.
And yes, it looks much better. The walls aren’t visible any more and the stars have a feel of depth.
The star castles look good, but a little over-lighted again.
They did by far the best job on the Zomp Forest.
Now not only is there a troll being Tarzan, they also changed the lighting at the top of the forest, so it looks more magical.
So in general this was a huge improvement for the ride, but some things still need to be fixed.
What’s also noticeable (and annoying, to be honest) is they removed the water from the ride! There are no longer waterfalls everywhere. I find water a major part in the Efteling, and removing it from the ride makes the ride look more plastic and less natural. The LED lights that replaced the waterfall look cheap. It’s no longer raining in the Zomp forest.’

We pretty much agree with all of these comments!  The queue definitely needed a little something, and the doors and greenery look great.  The start tunnel looks so much better, since you can no longer see where the wall joins the floor, and best of all, no more UV paint splashes!  Everything seems cleaner and brighter with better lighting.  I suppose a lot of this is to do with removing a lot of dust from the whole place!  We actually think that the floating castles look better than they did, as they have more coloured lights on them, it seems that you can see more of them.  Things in general seem to be moving better and looking fresher.  We love the Zomp Forest!  Check out that little guy swinging back and forth, he’s so happy (you can tell by his screams of joy).  Also, take a look at the water…it now has mist sitting on it, not like before when it was clear.  This makes it stand out more than before.

If you want to compare the two, here’s a ‘before’ video: