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There have been a couple of Efteling apps available before, but they have all been in Dutch.  Now, however, a new app has been launched which can be viewed in Dutch, English, German and French!

Here is Efteling’s description of the app:

What is the wait time for George and the Dragon? Will there be nice weather all day? What time is the park show Raveleijn? When is Polle baking pancakes? Download the Efteling app and you see it all, right on your smart phone!

Zoom in on favorite attractions and add them to your favorites. Discover at a glance how many tickets are left, how long the wait is and what is going on today in the Efteling!

You can look at the park map, as well as plan your day by looking at the weather and  various other tips.  For example: ‘Get a free, warm, winter hat when you purchase a large Unox soup or a Unox hot dog’

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You can also check out the wait times for rides, as well as selecting your favourite attractions and eating places.  Some features only seem to work if the GPS on your phone recognizes that you are in Efteling, though you can use the app to look at the map etc without being online.

Click here to have a look and download the app. 

As a side note, today is the start of Winter Efteling, happy days!Sinterklaas