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DraakA couple of years ago, I was wandering around one of those discount supermarket type of places, and out of the corner of my eye, I could swear that I saw the Efteling logo.  Was I having withdrawal symptoms?  Was all that studying at University driving me crazy?  Well, yes to all of the above, but I was right!  There it was in the freezer aisle, glistening like a jewel in a frog king’s crown, the Dragon Tart.

To the majority of us in this country, it could best be described as an Arctic roll.  Green sponge cake wrapped around pink ice cream, with a swirl of jam (or dragon blood, if you’d like to think about it like that) in the centre.  The thing even had scales printed on the sponge!  That wasn’t all.  There was a little bag containing those little pieces of candy that crackle when you put them in your mouth, and those were to be sprinkled on top of the cake.

And was that all?


Something that was almost as good as the cake, free stickers!

draak stickers

So how was it?  It was pretty tasty.  The fact that it was Efteling-related probably made it more tasty, and the crackling stuff just made it even better!  Heck, even the box looked good!

The cakes were made by Maître Paul, who make frozen cakes and pastries.

If they were still around, we’d tell you all to buy one.  Or maybe you could make your own?!

Stickers photo from vijfzintuigen.nl