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Hey, that rhymes!  Sorta…


So we bought some shampoo from Efteling’s web shop.  It was so good, we’ve actually bought it more than once!  Last time, we even bought some shower gel too.  You can get 2 shampoos, and 2 showers gels, which seem to be tailored to both boys and girls.  For the boys, Dragon shampoo and Wolf shower gel; for the girls, Cinderella shampoo and Red Riding Hood shower gel.  They smell great, are free from too many nasty ingredients, and are priced nicely at 2.50.

The Cinderella shampoo smells a lot like a berry yoghurt and the Dragon one smells a little like apples.  We aren’t sure of the connection between the smells and the characters, but presumably nobody would come near you if you smelt like fire instead of apples!

We give these products 5 Pardoes!