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We’ve been quiet recently, so here’s a little about what is going on in Efteling at the moment:

Apparently, the Efteling Theatre’s next big musical is to be based on the Sandman, (Bosrijk’s mascot) and it will start playing in Autumn.  That is about all is known on the subject at the moment.

On April 11th, the National Asparagus Season was opened by Dutch chef Sandra Ysbrandy as she took the role of ‘Asparagus Ambassador’ for the day.  Efteling’s CEO said that  ‘The opening of the asparagus season in the Efteling is not just a fairy tale, but also a logical choice.’  This happens on the second Thursday of every April, just so that you all know for next year 😉Asparagus

Where did the asparagus go to have a few drinks?

The Salad Bar!

No more jokes, we promise…

In other news, Langnek’s little island is taking shape, with a new rock base being installed for him to sit on.  We still miss him and hope that he comes back soon, as does everyone else, it seems.  Somebody asked Efteling via Twitter about Mr. Longneck’s return, and they said some time in late April he should be back.

Also, according to Eftelist.nl, Fata Morgana is not in the best shape.  We already knew about the snakes that need some cosmetic surgery so that you don’t have to look at their zips, but apparently somebody is missing a limb, (we’re trusting the translation for that one, but haven’t seen actual evidence!) there are stains in the night sky, the fog machines are leaking, (we knew about this one, we’ve felt the drips!) and there’s something not quite right with those crocodiles.  All in all, it needs a bit of TLC.

Efteling has won 6 Diamond Theme Park Awards, including Best Amusement Park, Most Child Friendly Park and Most Beautiful Park.  Click here for full results!

Finally, Efteling attracted a massive 4.2 million visitors for its 60th birthday last year.  I’m sure that many were attracted back to the park this month for the asparagus season launch…