Photo by M. Veltman

So this year has been fairly busy for me and as such I’ve not gotten round to updating things on here as much as I would have liked. A lot has happened at Efteling this year, including new attractions such as Fabula, The Six Swans, and the renewed Oude Tufferbaan.  There was the demolition of Bob to make way for Max & Moritz, and the updating of Carnaval Festival, as well as more recently a new installation in the Efteling Museum and the transformation of the Loetiek into a costume shop called Spiegeltje Spiegeltje. There has also been a slight refresh of Symbolica with the addition of 3 new animatronics, and the extension of Polle’s Keuken.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow the page and the Facebook page (things are more active on there) and I hope to post more in 2020!

Here’s a little look at the past year:

Special thank you to Eftelwesley for letting me use his lovely videos!