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I have never really mentioned these little gems that are found around the park.  What could be better than litter bins that actually ask you to feed them?  Maybe if big cities had them, people would drop less trash!

Originally, there was only one Holle Bolle Gijs in the Efteling, but over the years, more have been added to the family.  They are essentially, an army of litter bins.  Litter bins with character and a bit of personality.  They shout for ‘papier hier’ (paper here), encouraging you to feed them your litter.  There is a Grandpa Gijs, a Baby Gijs, a Sailor Gijs, and many more.  The holes in their mouths suck your rubbish clean out of your hand; it is much more fun than your average trash can!

Remember to visit them next time you are visiting Efteling!

Find more information about all of the litter bins here.

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