There’s some maintenance going on at Fata Morgana!  The ride and it’s shop will be closed for renovations for 5 weeks (from September 3rd), although the changes will be more technical than cosmetic.  The boats will undergo repairs, as well as the electricity and lighting being renewed and the plants in the first and last scenes being replaced.

One thing the guest will notice however, is the face-lift that the shop ‘De Bazaar’ is going to receive.  The design coordinator Annette Vishers says:

“It will be a store that does justice to the theme of Fata Morgana. Not only because of the Arabic elements, but also because of the new thematic presentation of the souvenirs. With large objects as real eyecatchers. During this maintenance we immediately pick up the facade of the store. Everything is repainted in the original colors and we add extra decorative elements.” 

Hopefully, the souvenirs will improve in the shop too! (I doubt it).

Here’s the artist’s impression of how the shop will look: