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The Efteling website has been through a few reincarnations in its time, but this has to be the best one yet.

First off, it automatically took us to the English site, which it never did before unless we typed in co.uk or changed the language when we got there, hooray!

Images belong to Efteling

Images belong to Efteling

The coolest thing, however, is that the icons for each attraction or restaurant actually have a 3D effect to them, meaning that they move when you roll your cursor over them!  Something else which admittedly could have been there before and we hadn’t noticed it, is a guide to the areas surrounding Efteling, in the event that you want to leave the park (really?!) and explore elsewhere.  Another important feature is the calendar, which now shows busy days, and days when events are happening so that you can plan around them.

All in all, it’s the refresh that has been needed for a long time, and there doesn’t seem to be any of the really old site left, which can only be a good thing!  Efteling are moving forward, as they even have a section on some pages for fan Instagram photos, and there’s also a list of WiFi locations for the park.