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We’ve been quiet for almost a month now, did you miss us?!

Of course, there have been a few pieces of news trickling out of Efteling in this time, including more recently, an overhaul of the Indian Water Lilies.  It was in need of a dust, as you can imagine, and there was also a new ‘witch‘ added.  There is a new narration which is actually an old narration from several years ago, which fans are very happy to hear!  You may also notice a clearer sound, and a difference in the soundtrack at the very end. Oh, and those geese, have definitely been through the wash!

In other news, somebody burned the fries at a cart behind the Efteling Theater.  When we say ‘burned’, they caught fire, along with the whole cart by the look of things.  Oops!

Pinokkio continues to progress, however there is no exact date for it’s opening yet.

Finally, we now know when Efteling’s new nature park will welcome it’s first guests.  In early 2017, construction should finish on the site which is located next to Efteling and Efteling Golf Park, which will cost a mere €30m to build.  This is one phase in Efteling’s plan to become a more international destination by 2020, when they hope to welcome 5 million visitors per year.

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