We have recently been contacted by Efteling, and as such, would like to share this reminder.

As you may gather, this is a fan-based site with the simple intention of spreading the word about Efteling, particularly to the people who may have never heard about it here in the UK, where advertising of the park is little to none.  I do not make a single penny from this site, in fact, the site is paid for out of of my own pocket, simply for the love of the park.

The official Efteling site can be found >>>here<<<, and you will find links to it throughout our sites including on videos and photos.  This statement also stands for our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, which also make clear of the use of images and videos belonging to Efteling where they appear, and links can also be found on these pages to the official Efteling >>>site<<<.