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Well only one dive coaster actually, but a lot of pancakes!  This week, Polle’s Keuken attempted to beat the world record for pancake stacking.  With a lot of pancakes and some Efteling magic, the two bakers, Humphrey and John managed to beat the record with a stack of 242 pancakes(!) reaching 91.2cm high.  That is a lot of pancakes to try and keep upright, and they had to remain in the stack for 5 seconds to break the record.  There’s even some English in this video for those who don’t speak Dutch!

On the subject of the new dive coaster which we’ll see open next year in the park, it now has a name!  It’s a little bit of a mouthful maybe but…ahem…

Baron 1898.

Baron 1898

Tada!  It doesn’t completely roll off the tongue, however we imagine it will end up getting called ‘Baron‘ for short.  The theming looks great, but we don’t expect anything less from Efteling, a real theme park!