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In our last post we talked about the updates that are happening in Fata Morgana right now.  It’s due to open again at the start of October, but that’s only the beginning of the construction going on in the park. The bulk of the work is of course the installation of the new dive coaster near to the Flying Dutchman.  Recently, they have chopped a corner off the Gondoletta lake so that they can move the path over that currently exists there, allowing more space for the coaster.  There isn’t a whole lot to look at yet ride-wise, but construction is definitely underway!  Here’s a video taken by Eftelwesley yesterday:

In addition to a new coaster, Bosrijk is currently in the process of receiving 18€ million worth of new accommodation.  The sign outside reads:

‘We’re continuing to build on dreams…Expansion of Efteling Village Bosrijk’.


Concept art for the new accommodation.

Construction is set to finish in mid-2015.  Click here to see how it’s coming along.

Also getting some TLC is the house of the five senses.  Mainly the roof.  That thatched roof must look it’s best since it’s the bold and beautiful entrance to the park!  Efteling are currently fixing some bald patches (that happens when you get older, even to thatched roofs) and most likely removing a lot of moss that has being growing there for a while.  It is mainly the Efteldingen store that is covered over at the moment.

Next up: Villa Volta.  As pointed out last year by looopings.nl, Villa Volta’s exterior had seen better days.  Basically, crumbling and cracking in the walls etc was making it look like less of a magnificent mansion and more like a haunted house.  Well at the moment, the maintenance walls are up!  We can only hope that they will take down these horrible signs while they’re there…

Last but not least…well, we actually don’t feel too excited about this last one in honesty.  It seems as though there’s an Aquanura 3 on the way to Efteling.  Yes, 3…already.  Some WET employees (the guys who created the show) have landed in Efteling and have been testing some new sequences out at the Vonderplas.  It seems very early for phase 3 of the show considering that part 2 only started earlier this year (with preview shows at the end of last year).  Also, most of the music from the park has already been used in the first two shows, so that does leave the question: which music will they use next?

It has been pointed out that this could be a show specifically for Winter Efteling, but that’s pure speculation.  It’s a mystery for now, so we’ll wait and see!

The Pagoda is also listed as reopening at the end of October.

It was said when the new CEO of Efteling, Fons Jurgens came along, that he would be concentrating more on maintenance of what was in the park rather than adding new things.  Well there’s a bit of both going on at the moment and that’s great!


We’re still hoping for a Spookslot overhaul too, and it is closed for 5 days in November, but that’s only time for a mere dust! 😉