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Fata Morgana is 28 years old now, and sometimes it feels like it could do with a refresh.  The ride has had a number of small changes over the years, inside and out, including new masks for the characters and many changes to the building itself.  The main difference with the ride will be new boats, which we’re quite interested to see.  Although details of the changes are sketchy at the moment, it seems that the changes will be more ‘enhancements’ than massive differences in the ride.  For example, the lasers in the Tilt Room were originally red, then they were changed to green, then this year they were changed back to red…so we’re expecting small changes like that.

There are many small details which have become noticeable after riding, such as limbs not seeming to be attached to the figures properly, effects not working or figures simply looking very rigid and dated.  Although we’re not expecting the animatronics to change, (there’s 104 of them!) it would be nice to see them get a little TLC.  In fact, not long ago, we’re sure that the Tiger got a new fur coat!  Check out this old video of the ride to get a closer look at the figures, you can see that many have not changed over the years.

Next, maybe Efteling could sort us out some Fata Morgana themed souvenirs for the Bazaar, instead of hookahs and random jewelry!