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Efteling has seen a 25% rise in Belgian visitors than there were in the same period last year.  That’s a lot of Belgians!

They also claim that there has been a rise in the number of guests visiting from Germany, France and Britain.  You’re welcome, Efteling!

Apparently the accommodation+park tickets options are just right for us foreign bods.  Shame about the transport from wherever you fly to/sail to.  It would be great to have an Efteling shuttle just like Disney do (oops, did we say the ‘D’ word?!).  Struggling on and off trains and buses with suitcases and kids isn’t ideal!

In other news, if you are residing anywhere outside of the Netherlands or Belgium, don’t try to buy anything from the Efteling webshop, as they won’t ship to your address any more.  Personally, we’ve spent a lot of money with them over the last couple of years when they started shipping to the U.K, so it’s a bit of a shame.  Nevertheless, that’s only a better excuse to visit the park and stock up on Droomvlucht room spray!

Info from vijfzintuigen.nl