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Although the weather is very changeable, both the U.K and the Netherlands have so far had a little bit of sunshine!  Of course, when the weather is hot, what better way to cool down than with an ice-cream or an icy drink?

In Efteling, there is no shortage of these things!

Just the other day, Efteling posted a photo of their new Chocomel Frappe cart, where you can purchase…well, a frappé!  As is standard in Efteling, the cart is beautiful, and we’re sure the frappés are too!  We are left wishing for a Fristi cart of the same nature now 😉

Can someone send us one over?

Can someone send us one over?

Back on July 31st (we’re a bit late to the party on this one) a Magnum pop-up shop appeared in the park, where you can create your own Magnum.Magnum  We’ll spare you the photos of the ice creams because they’re too delicious-looking, but the store is there until August 10th, so make sure to pop in and create your own Magnum.  You get a choice of all kinds of toppings and sauces; it’s pretty magical 🙂


A pot of happiness!

A pot of happiness!

Also, don’t forget the happiness stations!  There are two in the park, one at Polle’s Keuken and one at het Witte Paard.  You can create your own little pot of happiness here, with ingredients such as a range of different fruits and sweet treats, all swirled together with Wall’s ice cream.  Yummy!

Of course, there are many more cool snacks available at Efteling!

At den Suykerbuyk you can grab yourself an oubliehoorn, which is absolutely delicious!  There is a wide range of ice cream to choose from, and lots of choice of different fruits to go inside your over-sized ice cream cone.SAM_0157And how about popping into Polle’s Keuken for a cold treat?  It’s not all pancakes pancakes pancakes in there!  Oh no.  They have ice cream too!  Perfect if the heat is getting too much and you need some well-earned air-conditioning.  It’s only polite to buy some ice cream whilst in there…

ijs1We could probably carry on talking about the many wonderful cold treats you can find in Efteling, but I’m sure those few are enough for any Efteling visitor to handle in one go 😉  Bon appétit!