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As the weather heats up, both in the U.K and in the Netherlands, you may find yourself gazing into space, remembering long Summer days in Efteling.  Water rides that cool you down, beautiful flowers everywhere, lovely shades of green on the trees and plants, and a visit to the Happiness Station for a refreshing ice cream.  However, maybe (like us) you won’t be visiting Efteling in the warmer months this year.  In that case, we all need a reminder of the great things that come to Efteling when the hot weather leaves.  The days are shorter and darker, but there are so many wonderful and different things to see if you’re visiting Efteling in the Winter!  With a little help from our friends at Wonderrides.com (see below for images link), here is why Efteling is a great place to visit even in the colder parts of the year:

  • They put up an Ice Palace (that’s a skating rink to us commoners.)
  • Cross-country skiing (so you don’t have to visit a ski resort.)
  • A Bavarian Market (because sausages and mulled wine really do warm you up.)
  • Winter Illusions at Villa Volta, Spookslot and the Flying Dutchman.
  • Fairy Tales in their special Winter clothes (it’s about time that mermaid put some clothes on.)
  • Camp fires.  All over the place, to keep you toasty.
  • You get to see things in the dark.  Aquanura for one, but attractions like Raveleijn and the entire Fairy Tale forest are very atmospheric in the dark when they’re lit up.  Something you don’t get to experience too much of if you’re visiting when the nights are lighter.

In summary: there’s never a bad time to visit Efteling!

Click here for more Winter Efteling photos at Wonderrides.com