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Last year, it was pointed out to us by one of our followers that Efteling had a golden toilet.  A. Golden. Toilet.  Why had we never come across this before?  And where could we find it?  Well, the answer is: behind Polle’s Keuken.

So many times we have been rushing past that pancake restaurant to get to wherever it is we’re going, and we’ve not really paid much attention to the fact that there are toilets behind the building.  If we ever did visit Polle’s, we’d be using the rest rooms inside the building.  Naturally of course, on our last visit, we had to pay a visit specifically to see this golden toilet!  The things we do for research!Golden Toilet

Upon entering, it is very easy to spot the Royal Toilet cubicle, as it has a golden heart on the door.  On the inside of the door, a message reads:

‘Royal Toilet, to honour our King, we kindly request that you use the toilet in a royal way.’

Take that message how you will!  There is a Golden Toilet in both the male and female toilets.

Has anybody else visited this golden throne?