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Ths music that features in the second version of Aquanura is: By the Sleepy Lagoon (Frog King), Fata Morgana (Harem), Gondoletta , Monsieur Cannibale, The Flying Dutchman, Dream Flight (different from Aquanura version 1), The Red Shoes, George and the Dragon and The Flying Dutchman again.

We love the new music in this one, even though we are still in love with the last one!  George and the Dragon is a particularly awesome piece of music that we were dying to see go into Aquanura.  The ending of this one seems a little less dramatic somehow than the first show which ended with Spookslot, but The Flying Dutchman music is still wonderful.

Maybe they can alternate between shows, so that we don’t totally lose the first one?

This show is set to premiere next year.  If you don’t want spoilers, don’t watch!