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Wherever you are in the UK, you may have noticed a lot of rain last Saturday night, and apparently, so did Efteling.  Of course, Efteling is open until midnight during the Summer season, but a few attractions had to close slightly before that due to water pouring in by the bucket load!  The last showing of Aquanura was cancelled due to the engines getting wet, as well as the Carousel Palace, the White Horse, the Efteling Theatre and Raveleijn all being affected by the storm.  Apparently, the car park was also turned into a huge puddle as the whole park tried to leave in their cars.  Thunder and lightening are frightening, but hundreds of theme park guests trying to drive out of a car park at the same time, horrifying!

Also, the Golf Club caught fire.  However, it was a small one that was warded off with a couple of fire extinguishers.  Click here for the photos.