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If you are part of our Facebook army, you will have seen us share a photo from Eftelist’s Twitter of the new Droomvlucht Photos.  We mentioned that the ride would be getting these a while back.  Fata Morgana is also due to get on-ride photos installed.  The photos look ok, but it is basically you in your black ride vehicle, with a Droomvlucht border around the photo (if you choose to buy it).  It is cute though, a nice souvenir if you are a Droomvlucht fan!

Keesje Zwaan

Keesje Zwaan

Sadly, on 10/07/13, the Black Swan that lived on the island in the middle of the Gondoletta lake passed away.  She had been living there for the last 25-30 years according to Efteling.  She never saw any shame in swimming over to visitors in their boats and looking for some food!  There is a Facebook page for her if you would like to leave your condolences, as many others have.

Finally, Mushroom Productions have sent us a link to their trip report of Efteling.  We thought that we would share it with you; we do love a good trip report!