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According to looopings.nl, The Dream Flight and Fata Morgana will soon be receiving photo spots somewhere inside each ride.  This will be more of a ‘journey’ photo, rather than a ‘hair-raising’ photo, which of course you can buy from George and the Dragon, the Flying Dutchman etc.  We can imagine that this will be along the same lines as the photo you have taken in Carnaval Festival.

You have to wonder, where would they put the camera?  On Dream Flight, as you travel along one of the dark corridors, there is a flashing light at the end, in front of you…although that would only take a photo of the first gondola out of the two, and with no atmosphere!  Maybe on the way into, or on the way out of a scene would be a good place?

On Fata Morgana, how about at the start when everyone looks up at the wizard as he waves his wand?  It is slightly strange of course, that you would want to buy a photo of the whole boat, especially if you are in a boat with other people, which is very likely.  However, Disneyland Paris do this in Pirates of the Caribbean, but you can choose to crop most of the boat out when you come to buying the photo.

Would you rather buy a photo of you and your friends/family travelling through the Fairy Realm to a photo on the Python or Rok?  Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon.

Cue cheesy ride photo video!