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We’ve recently mentioned some of the drinks that you can find in Efteling that will keep you nice and warm in the winter months.  And now, onto the food!

In particular, Grootmoeder’s Keuken.  Here you can get sandwiches which contain:


meatballs with cabbage and red onion sauce, satay and meatballs with pickles and fried onions.  If that didn’t make you hungry enough, we’ve shared a photo too!

Grootmoeder’s Keuken is located between het Witte Paard and the Carousel.  There are a few places to sit nearby, or you could cross the train tracks and eat your sandwich while you take a stroll through the Fairy Tale Forest.

Another good place for hot food is the Unox cart which is located in front of the Flying Dutchman building.  Hot sausages in buns make for some very tasty hot dogs!


One last one for now, and that is the ‘Cheeky Monkey’ Döner Kebab counter in the East Station building, near the Python.  Here they serve Turkish pizza, and of, course, döner kebabs.  There is a ton of seating inside and outside of the station too.SAM_1132Plenty choice there for food on chilly days!

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