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On March 4th, the price of a one day ticket will rise from 33.00€ to 34.50€ (tickets bought online are around about 1€ cheaper).  You will pay that price as soon as you hit 4 years old, under 4s are free.  Senior Citizens and disabled visitors also get a discount.  Prices went up by 1€ last year, and 3€ the year before!  At the moment, 34.50€ is roughly £30.00.

Are these acceptable price increases?  This may put things into perspective a little:

An Alton Towers day ticket is £45.00 (online price varies between £15.00 and £33.75, but the latter is the price for the majority of the season).

A Disneyland Paris day ticket for Disneyland Park only, is £52.00 and £47.00 for children (aged 3-11).

Europa Park is about on par with Efteling, with 34.00€ for a day ticket.

And so we come to the conclusion that even with a 1.50€ price increase, Efteling’s  entry price is not totally unacceptable.  Especially when we bear in mind that the park is open for 365 days a year now!

With information from loopings.nl