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Not carts with legs, but walking carts, walking wagons, whatever you may know them as, Efteling have had them for years. You can rent them at the main entrance and they come in different colours, such as green, orange and cream.  They are perfect for smaller members of the family who may struggle to keep the pace during a day in the park!

Here they are, before and after:

The 'before' wagon.

The ‘before’ wagon.

The 'after' wagon.

The ‘after’ wagon.










They definitely needed an update!  The paint on the old ones was all chipped, and I’m sure that there used to be an Efteling ‘E’ on the back of the seat, which didn’t seem to be there anymore on most of the carts.  The new ones, however, are much more classy!


Photo 2 from Efteling’s Facebook.