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SAM_0179Exit through the gift shop!  We’ve all been a victim of the attraction gift shop, and although Efteling doesn’t seem to push souvenirs down your throat in general, some rides do have their own shops at the exit; Carnaval Festival, PandaDroom, and Droomvlucht are 3 of the main ones.  Dromerijen (the Dream Flight store) is located at the exit of the ride, and you will encounter it after walking through De Gulden Gaarde, which serves pastries, coffees etc.


First off, the theming of the store is lovely, and is very in-keeping with the ride.  A large tree is the centrepiece of the shop, with its leaves taking over the ceiling, and large round lights hanging from it; the same as the ones you pass under at the main entrance.  It is beautiful!


However, there is a small problem, though possibly only though the eyes of a dedicated Efteling fan…the merchandise.  In fairness, you can buy fairies here, which is obviously what the Dream Flight is all about, but not these fairies.  Click the  photo below to take a closer look at those fairies.  They certainly don’t look like anything that you just experienced on the ride, do they?!




A REAL Efteling fairy. Take a closer look at her wing…

There was a time when you could buy Efteling fairies, but sadly, the fairies are generic, and you could probably find them in your local gift shop.  We also remember Dream Flight dolls, mugs, t-shirts, snow globes and many other Efteling goodies.  A more recent addition to the shop are the Droomvlucht house sprays, however on our last visit, there one none to be found.

Take a look at the fairy on the right.  She hangs on a wall, and has ‘Efteling’ written along the top of her wing.  She even looks like an Efteling fairy!  There used to be quite a lot of these available.  Also, take a look at our mug; couldn’t be more Dream Flight themed if it tried!  DSCF1161

So, why no Dream Flight specific gifts in the Dream Flight gift shop?  Who knows.  But it would be lovely to see some genuine Efteling merchandise back in the store some time soon.


This guy can’t even bear to look at the merchandise in his basket!