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Ok, so it arrived last week, but we wanted time to listen to it so that we could give you the verdict.  There are 2 CDs, the track listings as follows:

CD 1 CD 2
1. Droomvlucht  – Kastelenrijk 1. Carnaval Festival
2. Droomvlucht  – Wonderwoud 2. Het Volk van Laaf  – Lariekoekhuys-Lals Brouwhuys
3. Droomvlucht  – Zompenwoud 3. Paddenstoelen
4. Droomvlucht  – Elfentuin 4. De Rode Schoentjes  – Klompendans
5. Droomvlucht  – Hemelburchten 5. Diorama  – Speeldoosjes
6. De Magische Klok 6. De Vliegende Fakir
7. Fata Morgana  – The harbour 7. Draaimolen
8. Fata Morgana  – Eastern jails 8. Zwaan Kleef Aan
9. Fata Morgana  – Harem 9. Monsieur Cannibale
10. Fata Morgana  – Jungle 10. De Indische Waterlelies
11. Pandadroom 11. Piraña
12. De Zes Dienaren 12. PandaDroom  – In this together
13. Vogel Rok  – De vlucht door het duister 13. Pardoes Promenade
14. Spookslot  – Danse Macabre 14. De Vliegende Hollander  – Voorplein
15. Raveleijn  – Entree ruiters 15. De Vliegende Hollander  – Opstaphaven
16. Raveleijn  – Helden 16. De Vliegende Hollander  – Behouden terugvaart
17. Joris en de Draak 17. Klaas Vaak  – Sprookjes van Klaas Vaak
18. Gondoletta 18. De Nieuwe Kleren van de Keizer
19. Assepoester
20. Villa Volta


Now, what this doesn’t tell you, is about the added ‘extras’ which are hidden on the beginnings and ends of a few of the tracks.  For example, you can hear Kleine Boodschap on the start of CD 2, saying his piece, and you can also hear Vrouw Holle, the call of ‘Ezeltje Strekje!’ and a few more slotted in here and there within the CDs.  It is also nice to have music from Piraña included on the second CD, which was not on either of the last 2 Efteling CDs.  Other new additions include The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Sandman, and music from Raveleijn.  All the golden oldies are there too, including a handful of tracks from both Fata Morgana and the Dream Flight; and Carnaval Festival is a bit different from the version included on the previous CD.  Another thing, the design of the box and CDs is a lot more elegant than the last CD, in my opinion.  You can’t go wrong with toadstools.

All in all, a good buy!  If you want all of the best Efteling music in one place, this is perfect.