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You may or may not know that the newest fairy tale to be constructed in the Fairy Tale Forest is the Emperor’s New Clothes.  The construction has been ongoing for many months now, but things are starting to take shape.  We can see the palace façade here:

Photo by Lego Lord

It seems that this fairy tale will be similar to the Flying Fakir, in the sense that the majority of it will take place outside, rather than inside the building.  It is believed that the figures, such as the Emperor and his footmen, will ‘walk’ along in front of the palace; and possibly the tailor of the Emperor’s clothes will be visible in silhouette in a smaller building, off to one side.

These figures also turned up at Efteling recently (click the image for a closer look):

Photo by eftelingfan

They appear to be completely made from some sort of resin or plastic, which is perfect for the weather that Efteling sometimes experiences!  However, some Efteling fans have noted that this ‘look’ is rather different from the other stories in the forest, and that these figures look a bit too plastic!  While we understand these concerns, we have faith that Efteling are creating something wonderful.

If you are visiting Efteling soon, look for the construction between Cinderella and the Little Match Girl.

For more photos and info on this new attraction, head over to Eftelist.