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Four food trucks have moved onto Efteling property.  They are: Beer to Go, Street Sweets, Sausages and Schnitzel, and a Sandwich truck which I believe is called Sandwiches on Wheels (questionable Bing translation).  Apparently they can be found around the Vonderplas due to Aquanura, however, the photo Efteling showed on Facebook shows the trucks outside of the House of the Five Senses.

The general response from Efteling-goers seems to be that they don’t care for the trucks, because they don’t fit too well with the overall theme of the park.  However, I guess that they are serving a purpose, and they could look a lot worse!  At least they are tastefully decorated.

Also, I wanted to share something that I believe was physically given away with the Telegraph in the Netherlands, the Efteling Feestboekje.  It seems to be just an advertising booklet, but it is quite nice to look at, even if you can’t understand the Dutch!  This online-version also has some nice music to go along with it.

Click here to see it!

Also, a big thank you to our Facebook fans, we are now a party of 70!  If we ever want to go for a meal together at Efteling, we will need a big table!