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If you have been to Efteling and you don’t understand Dutch, you will know how it is.  Standing there pretending to know what is going on when in actual fact, you have no clue!  You know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but what is the Troll King saying?  And what is Hugo talking about in Villa Volta?  Well, thanks to a good friend of Efteling UK, you can now understand everything, because she has translated a good chunk of the Efteling attractions!  Thanks Milena!

So now, you can stand there with your head up high, because you read all of the stories before you left to visit Efteling.  There are fairy tales to read, as well as the story of the Laafs and that all important Villa Volta transcript (it is a long time to stand and listen to something which you don’t understand!)  There are also sound clips in English, if you don’t feel like reading the story.

Click here to start educating yourself!

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Thank you Milena!