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Just watched Aquanura here at Efteling UK…the verdict?  5 Frog kings out of 5!  It is currently being re-watched because it was so good!  Ok, so every attraction isn’t featured in it, but the favourites are, and it seemed to get a very warm reception from the crowd.  There are no visuals but hey, who needs visuals when you have music like that?!  Also the frog kings that squirt out water, you have to love those little guys.  We can’t wait to get there and see it in the flesh, but until then…

…I’m going to link to two videos here, depending on what you want to see and how much time you have.  The first one is essentially just Aquanura; you know, that thing you Efteling fans have been waiting for for like, forever!  The second one,  unfortunately, cuts off before the end of the show, but you can watch the end on the first video!

Oh and as a side note: can we all direct a lot of shame to the Disney fan sites on Twitter that are bad-mouthing the show.  Jealousy is an ugly beast.