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I get a lot of comments here on the site and also over at the Efteling UK Facebook page asking where Laafs can be purchased.  The sad fact of the matter is, they are no longer in production, and haven’t been for quite a few years now.  Unsure of what a ‘Laaf’ is?  Click on the ‘People of Laaf’ page along the top of the screen.  In short, a Laaf is a glorified garden gnome, however there are also household Laafs who, of course, live indoors.  There is a Laaf village in Efteling where the Laafs reside.

Laafs used to be available for adoption in the Loetiek outside the Laaf village, however, now there is not a single Laaf to be had!  If you are looking for one, the best place to look is eBay or other online auction sites.  Efteling UK HQ has adopted some this way and they all seem pretty happy in their new residence!  You may also find the odd one lurking in your local garden centre, so keep your eyes peeled!


I have included a scan of one of the pages of an old Laaf leaflet, which show some house Laafs.  There is even one to hold your toothbrush; how helpful!