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For us folks in English-speaking parts of the world, Sprookjesboom refers to the Fairy Tale Tree in the Fairy Tale Forest at Efteling who tells stories.  He was added to the forest in 2010 and is very popular!

In February 2012, Sprookjesboom the film will be released in Dutch and Belgian cinemas to the delight of many Sprookjesboom fans.  The Sprookjesboom TV series has been running since October 2006 and is still going strong, being broadcasted in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  It has also been mentioned that English episodes are in production!

Image from Motek Entertainment

Although I am…older…than most of the fans of the show, I do own one of the DVDs and I have to say that the animation is wonderful.  What is also very interesting is the way that each of the characters from the Fairy Tale Forest have been turned into caricatures of themselves, and it works well!

I hope to see the movie when it becomes available, and particularly look forward to English episodes of Sprookjesboom!