House of the Five Senses Windows


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I recently posted about the new stained glass (effect?) windows at the House of the Five Senses, and how beautiful they are. Well my friend at sent over some more photos so you can see even more detail in the windows (I personally can’t get enough of them!)

With thanks to Ronald at

Efteling’s Beautiful Birthday Present


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Today Efteling turns 67!  As a present, the windows at the House of the Five Senses have been given a makeover, and basically, they look beautiful!  Here’s one photo but please click the link to see the rest!  Thanks to

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Restaurant Octopus Updates


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If you’re a follower of this page then you may have noticed that I’m quite a fan of Restaurant Octopus.  The theming is great and the food is pretty good too!  Of course, later this year Pandadroom will be replaced with a new show called Fabula, and with that comes some changes to the Octopus eatery at the end of the attraction.

Work has, however, started on that already as you can see from this video of the outside of the restaurant, where a terrace is being built.  You can’t knock extra seating, especially on a nice day!  There is also a a new digital board outside, advertising the sorts of food that you can find inside.  I’m hungry just looking at it!

Videos belong to Parks and Rides TV and eftelingfan

Carnaval Festival Reopens


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Carnaval Festival has been closed for around 3 months for a little refurbishment. There have been several changes made to the ride, and in my opinion it is looking really rather good!

Things have been mentioned in the past by various sources that some of the scenes were a little on the racist side of things. Whether they were or not, some of these scenes have now been altered, although in some cases only slightly! The African, Chinese and Japanese scenes have been changed slightly, and the pirate at the end of the ride has been removed to make way for Jokie and Jet. The Japanese man at the end of the ride is also looking slightly different and there are some general tidy-ups throughout the ride like the frogs at the start, who look a lot fresher. The music has been tweaked too (don’t worry it’s mostly the same stuck-in-your-head-all-day track!).

Here’s the video:

Oh, and remember when the vehicles stopped now and then? Well they still do, but now you get to have a little wiggle in your seat to a fanfare until it starts back up again! It makes stopping so much more exciting! 😁

In addition to the ride changes, the store at the end where you buy your on-ride photos is now called Confetti, and has been given a face-lift which looks much brighter and more in-keeping with the shop next door.

All in all, everything is looking great!

Theme Park Worldwide Efteling Vlogs


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I have been watching a lot of videos by this channel recently, Theme Park Worldwide.  You can visit so many theme parks from the comfort of your living room through these guys, and of course, there is an Efteling vlog on the channel!  A few in fact.  I thought I’ll share a couple here, but please do check out the channel, you can learn all kinds of things about loads of different theme parks!

Fabula Trailer (Pandadroom Replacement)


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A short trailer for Fabula has arrived on Efteling’s YouTube channel. It’s only 40 seconds long, but gives a little look at the squirrel and bear characters that will be in the new attraction. Of particular interest to us in the UK, the studio animating the film is Aardman (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run etc).

The renewed attraction opens later this year, and is costing Efteling €3.5 million; bargain! The restaurant Octopus will also be freshened up. From the Efteling blog:

The restaurant will have more seats inside and outside and a new menu with fresh and responsible meat, fish and vegan dishes

The last day guests can visit Pandadroom will be November 3rd.

Kogeloog Reopens!


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Kogeloog, a catering outlet that stands opposite Langnek in the Fairy Tale Forest, is finally reopening after 17 years of being closed.  Ice cream and a variety of drinks will be on the menu from the end of April through September, and there will be new seating available, as well as the benches that already face Langnek.

The tale which Langnek comes from is The Six Servants, which are illustrated on the walls (by Anton Pieck) alongside the serving hatch.  This catering spot originally opened in 1967, and whilst Kogeloog is the name on the top, (Kogeloog means Bullet Eye, hence the bust above it) the name above the hatch is ‘De Zes Dienaren’ (The Six Servants).  The bust on top of the building refers to the servant in the story who is ‘a man who wears a blindfold in front of his eyes because his glance is so powerful that it makes everything he sees split to pieces.’ Back in the 1950s there was a similar bust standing next to Langnek, which was removed a few years later, possibly because it didn’t make so much sense as

Kogeloog 1954, photo from

regards the story!

The message in front of this statue read (not exact translation!):

‘This servant who used to make 
an army sniff with just one look 
is now, after all his glorious days, not 
even able to chase away a wasp’.

This indicates that he doesn’t have his special power anymore, in contrast to Langnek, but doesn’t explain why…This might be a reason that it was removed, especially since the new bust has a blindfold over his eyes, to stop him from causing any damage!

Take a look below at the other servants, as visible on the wall at Kogeloog…




Pandadroom Receiving an Update


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I’m a little late posting about this, so you may have already heard…

Although not officially confirmed, Pandadroom is rumoured to be getting an update at long last. The attraction has been open since 2002, and had never been a fan favourite. The technology in Pandadroom has become very outdated, leaving the attraction feeling stagnant, and definitely something to miss out on a visit to the park.

The new film is reported to be called Fabula and will feature a bear and a squirrel, keeping the nature theme.

The gift shop and restaurant will also supposedly be given a revamp.

This year, The Bob coaster which is very close to Pandadroom, will close and be demolished, to be replaced with a double coaster called Max and Moritz.