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Efteling merchandise has varied in quality over the years, from very good to very tacky! As an Efteling fan, there are quite a few things that I *wish* they would make available, so I’m going to make a few mini posts, kind of like an Efteling ‘wishlist’ of what I’d like to see to buy in the park.

Some of these things have been available before, so it’ll also be a bit of a nostalgia trip.

First up…Room spray! But I don’t necessarily want it back…

I would love for Efteling to make this into a candle, because to be honest, the room spray was a little bit too strong. And by a ‘little’, I mean a lot! One spray of one of those things and you were smelling it for the next week! It’s so strong that I’ve still got a couple of each left, they just seem to last forever!

A candle would be a nice subtle way of having the Fata Morgana and Droomvlucht scents in your home (and maybe some other scents too; gingerbread anyone?). There were once some oils for sale too, which were really nice, and a bit more subtle than the sprays, but I’ve not seen those on recent trips.